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Daily Broadcast(Steamed Fresh Daily): What’s More Likely? Either Texas Tech In Big 12 Title Game OR Dallas Cowboys In Super Bowl? Longhorn Pearl Clutching Fun To Watch & Is The ACC SMU-Level Desperate? Pretty Decent Viewer Comments/Questions

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Texas Tech Football

Sold Out. Texas Tech Announces Baylor Game Is A Sell-Out. How Is This Possible? We Were Told If Texas Left Tech, Tech Could Never Survive!!! Seems The Doom & Gloom Crowd Is Wrong Again!

Brought to you in part by Gators Bayou in Lubbock. Cajun. Hot food. Cold Drinks. 98th and Slide! Texas Tech Will Never Survive Without Texas… I was told that Texas Tech could never survive and […]

Raiderland Rewind Texas Tech Football

Raiderland Rewind(Video): Texas Tech Sends Texas Off Forever Back To Austin With A 37-34 OT Win In Lubbock. Our Thoughts, Your Great Comments And Questions. A Lot To Talk About Tonight! Analytics? Welcome To Joey-Lytics!!! Enjoy And Share The Broadcast!

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Daily Broadcast

The Award Winning Daily Broadcast (In Color Where Available): Hey Texas Tech Folks, It’s Time To Quit Whoring Yourself Out To Texas And Stand On Your Own Feet. Why Texas Tech Shouldn’t Beg Governor Abbott To Keep The Horns Playing The Red Raiders. Tech Hoops Suffers Big Injury…Plus Your Great Comments And Questions. Share The Show, Comment Below!

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: The Big 12 Is Dead… Texas & OU Are Gone…So What Do Texas Tech Fans Want To Happen Now? Our Thoughts, Your Questions And Comments And A Lot Of Fun. SPOILER ALERT… Texas Tech Will Be Fine.

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