The Award Winning Daily Broadcast (In Color Where Available): Hey Texas Tech Folks, It’s Time To Quit Whoring Yourself Out To Texas And Stand On Your Own Feet. Why Texas Tech Shouldn’t Beg Governor Abbott To Keep The Horns Playing The Red Raiders. Tech Hoops Suffers Big Injury…Plus Your Great Comments And Questions. Share The Show, Comment Below!

The headline says it all.

It’s time for Texas Tech folks to grow-up and quit worrying about Texas, Texas A&M or other schools that don’t value West Texas. Enjoy the show, share it with a friend and then we will see you on radio Friday from 11-1 on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. Y’all know you want our show where you call home, so demand it from your local station. End crappy radio and add The Raiderland!

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