5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Curds To Atari, Thanksgiving To Overrated Football Programs Plus A Little Bit More, It’s A Few Things We Know Today.

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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  1. Upon further review, I’m ready to declare that in fact, fried cheese curds are better than nearly most all regular fried cheese sticks. Thank you Red River Brewing Company & Distillery for the happy mistake on our order last week. If anyone around the South Plains is doing fried cheese curds, let us know.
  2. I overheard someone say the other day that Thanksgiving can’t be that much of a “real” holiday because they’re aren’t any “Thanksgiving Songs”. There are. They’re call Hymns. . .
  3. Top 3 Video Games, 1979-1989. #3. RBI Baseball, Nintendo. #2. Tempest, stand-up arcade version. #1. Pitfall, Atari.
  4. I hardly ever, I mean rarely if ever, choose to eat turkey during the year. Why would I choose to waste plate-space with it on a holiday? Eat what you want this Thanksgiving! I’m team anything-but-turkey. Love you some pizza? Make a homemade pizza? Steaks are your thing? Grill ’em up! Remember, you can be Thankful for hot wings! You have permission to celebrate the way you want to.
  5. Over the last 50 years, which of these college football programs is the most overrated? Michigan, Texas or Penn. St. ?



  1. 1 – Cook’s Garage. It’s an off menu by request only item.
    2 – AMEN!!! And Thank you for saying it.

    5 – I wanna say the Horns but Michigan is the correct answer.

  2. Metroplex doesn’t do fried cheese as good as Lubbock.

    Thanksgiving is good, it is a weekend focused on being thankful, something that gets overlooked most of the year.

    Horns just because.

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