Sold Out. Texas Tech Announces Baylor Game Is A Sell-Out. How Is This Possible? We Were Told If Texas Left Tech, Tech Could Never Survive!!! Seems The Doom & Gloom Crowd Is Wrong Again!

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Texas Tech Will Never Survive Without Texas…

I was told that Texas Tech could never survive and thrive without Texas. That Texas Tech had to hitch their nearly 100-year old wagon to the Longhorns or it would be financial ruin and the end of Texas Tech athletics. I was told this 25 years ago, ten years ago and even earlier this year…

Well, it seems those people are being proven wrong more and more with each passing day.

Thursday, Texas Tech Athletics announced that the upcoming game with Baylor is a sell-out. How can this be? It doesn’t involve Texas and it doesn’t involve Oklahoma, the alleged financial carriers of the Big 12 for those less fortunate teams.

It seems that in a year where Tech might go .500 or so, Texas Tech fans are now buying tickets to see Texas Tech and not the opponent. Imagine that.

With the changes in the Big 12, we’ve talked at length around here about how this is the moment for Texas Tech to stand up and be its own strength and not rely on others. I think Tech fans are figuring it out.

Baylor is not even in the top 20 all-time crowds at Jones Stadium. Part of that has to do with the fact they played in Arlington for far too many years. After the Jones was expanded, they wasted games in Dallas. Still, going back to the 2000s and before, Baylor was never a huge draw. It says a lot about Texas Tech fans in year one of the Joey McGuire era that this game is a a sell-out.

The gloom and doom crowd worried about not playing Texas in Lubbock every other year need to settle down.

It’s entirely possible Texas Tech is growing up, getting stronger and seeing that it can be a lead dog in the new Big 12. Texas Tech fans now don’t have to worry about who Tech is playing, just that Texas Tech IS playing. That’s the key to growth.

Given Tech’s record so far and even Baylor’s record right now, there’s no reason for this game to sell-out from a ”sex-appeal” match-up. It’s sold out because folks are excited to watch what is happening with Texas Tech football. Bottom line.

That’s a good thing.

Add in another story this week in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal by Don Williams about how Texas Tech is thriving in the NIL era with the likes of the Matador Club and others and this should be a wake-up call. It’s not a wake-up call to other Big 12 schools. It’s a wake-up call to certain Texas Tech fans who have a mind-virus, put in place over decades that Tech is a Have-Not, A Can-Not and A Little Brother.

Those days are coming to an end.

The hardest opponent to overcome though in this battle isn’t outside Texas Tech. It’s internal.

Hopefully today was one more broadside into that Wall Of Can’t that so many Texas Tech fans have clung to for far to long.

Either ”From Here It’s Possible” or it is not. It that just a trendy, focus-group created, well-funded marketing slogan or does it mean something?

Which one is it?