The Award Winning Daily Broadcast (VIDEO): Greatest Horn Killers All-Time For Texas Tech, Bandwagon Wednesday, Ask Coach Hyatt, Tech QB’s Plus All Your Comments And Questions. Enjoy, Share!

Brought to you in part by Lifts West in Red River, New Mexico. Now is a great time to sneak off to the mountains for a few days, fish, relax, eat some great food and then rinse and repeat!

We had a fun Wednesday night show in Raiderland tonight. Lots to talk about. So give it a watch. The replay is awesome. Then, share it with your Red Raider friends who need more Texas Tech coverage in their life! After that, get ready for radio Thursday when Don Williams hangs with me and Rob Breaux on Talk 103.9 FM in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. You deserve great radio where you live, just ask and we can make it happen on a station near you!