The Daily Broadcast: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Contradicts All His Stated Values, Issues Mask Order; Starts His Presidential Run For 2024. Can It Be Enforced? Will Lubbock Officials Comply? Should You…

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Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a “mandatory” mask order for Texans today. It’s unenforceable. We explain why. Beyond that we look at the feckless leadership and the great abdication of values that Abbott has demonstrated over the past few months. He’s no longer wanting to be governor of Texas. He now is launching his campaign for president in 2024. It’s shameless pandering, but when a man has no real grounding in principle, it’s to be expected.

There are still some who think what’s going on is about masks and coronavirus.

That’s sad.

The delicious irony is that Gov. Abbott issues this edict on the eve of the greatest anniversary celebrating freedom and liberty from rule by decree of one man. . .

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