Are Texas Tech Fans Capable Of Being A “Have” Instead Of A “Have Not” Athletics Program? Is “From Here It’s Possible” A Cheap Slogan, Or Does It Really Mean Something In West Texas? Do Some Texas Tech Fans Want Built In Excuses For Failure?

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: No-Sports Tuesday. Best Hamburger You’ve Ever Had. 12 Mighty Orphans Movie – Why I Won’t Watch It. TX. Gov. Abbott Begs For Border Wall Money – Don’t DONATE! All That And Your Great Comments And Questions. Enjoy & Share!

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Hey, Lubbock! Welcome To ERCOT. Now…. set your thermostat to 85! On a scale of 1-10, how’s your lawn looking? What do you believe today about Texas Tech Baseball? Welcome to Monday! Let’s talk!

Here’s to DJ’s Dugout in Omaha! We’ll see ya in 2022.

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Graciously Returns Your Freedoms On Texas Independence Day. Texas Tech/TCU Basketball Live Updates, Baseball Recap Plus Your Community Infuriating Comments. Enjoy!

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Contradicts All His Stated Values, Issues Mask Order; Starts His Presidential Run For 2024. Can It Be Enforced? Will Lubbock Officials Comply? Should You…

Was Abbott lying before or now when it comes to government mandates on wearing face coverings? […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Gov. Abbott Opens Texas Up For Business ( Sorta ), Lubbock Coronavirus Numbers Great Once Again, Mayor’s Task Force Rendered Moot Plus All-Time Clutch Players & Last Dance Recap!

From Covid to Clutch. Our Daily Broadcast takes you everywhere you want to go. […]


“What The Hell’s Going On In Lubbock” Featuring KFYO’s Chad Hasty. Is The Lubbock I.S.D. Ready To Arm Teachers? Is Lubbock An “Unfriendly Music City” In Need Of Help? How’s That 50 Million Dollar Rodeo Arena Coming Along? Listen And Learn! ( Audio )

Want to know what’s going on in Lubbock no matter where you live? Here ya go! The best information you’ll find anywhere! […]