Things Texas Tech Should Bring Back ( or never should have quit doing in the first place!)

One of the great things about summer is that it let’s us slow down a little, contemplate, reflect and even pontificate on a few things. Around Raiderland, there’s always something going on, always a good discussion to be had and always, always some strong opinions. That’s what makes life fun.

So today, we thought we’d put together a little summer-time list for Texas Tech fans. We’ll call it a Top 5 of things Texas Tech could and should bring back. Life changing and program defining? Probably not. But still fun nonetheless.

We’ll give you our five and then you can add to the list in the comment section. As always, feel free to share everything we do here with your friends. That’s how we grow what we’re doing both here, on Talk 1340 with our daily radio show and even on KAMC 28 and our Last Call segment. We want y’all to feel invited every day to contribute.

Top 5 Things Texas Tech Should Bring Back

  1. Texas Tech needs an old cannon. Again. Texas Tech had one, and like so many things over the years it just kinda disappeared. Time to bring back some more firepower to the Jones. While on old civil war to late 1800s cannon would work, something akin to this might not be bad either. Could be tough on sight-lines for fans but imagine the amount of ads you could sell on it!

2. It shouldn’t have to be said, but we will say it. Let the Masked Rider Run! It’s 50 years now since we put a man on the moon. I think, in 2019, we can figure a way to get enough folks out of the way to let the horse circle the field at the beginning of the game. I recommend cattle prods. Highly effective. I get it that once the game starts there’s too many folks, most who probably don’t need to be there, on the sidelines for the Masked Rider to circle the field; but it can and should happen pregame.

3. Speaking of the Masked Rider. Texas Tech needs to start using this logo again. It is glorious. Chris Beard knows it, the American people know it and you know it’s true! It also looks great on the middle of the field.

4. Gerald Rogers on Public Address for football and basketball. OK. We obviously can’t do this because the legendary voice of Jones Stadium and the Coliseum left us in 2013 after retiring from his P.A. duties in 2000. Rogers announced over 700 Texas Tech events during his 31-year career. Never over the top, always with a crisp, authoritative delivery, Rogers was the perfect sound-track to Texas Tech sporting events. It was never about him. I realize in 2019 P.A. announcers are asked to “perform” in a different manner. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

5. Did you really think I’d leave it off the list?

It’s time. Bring it back.

OK, there’s a quick little list from us. Now you can put together your own and share with Raiderland. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see ya Sunday with our regular Sunday column!



  1. I agree with all 5, especially the cannon and the plain Double T logos. No more fake 3-D.

  2. Let the band play during the games—timeouts and such—no more loud rap music. Or in the alternative, I can put together a play list with some better tunes.

  3. I do not remember the year (it’s been many moons ago)
    A&M was here and an Aggie piloting a B1-B did an unauthorized
    flyover with afterburners fully lit! I thought the stadium
    was going to shake apart. It was total awesomeness!
    Should do that every home game!

  4. Pontificating and admonishing:
    1. YES!!! Canons are awesome!
    2. YES!!! The NCAA doesn’t have a rule against it, surely we can figure out how to make this work.
    3. NO. The 3D logo is much better!
    4. In lieu of bringing the departed back to life (too many unforeseen things can go wrong), not sure what you really want. How about a ‘Harry Doyle’ type announcer to go with the current guy? Make things more interesting!
    5. Black helmet w/ red facemask, sure. Old boring uninteresting logo? Hell NO!!!

    • “Old, boring”
      Traditional. Outstanding. Can be seen on helmets. Looks great.
      Robert… we’re gonna have to have a sit-down with you; I can tell.

  5. Dad loved Texas Tech & doing the PA! He thought about retiring after 30 years but he stayed to do the first season in the USA. He told me how the PA job had changed over the years. Both sons & 3 grandkids graduated from Tech & 2 grandkids are there now so we are a Red Raider family! Thanks for the tribute, Ryan!

  6. #4- Gerald’s granddaughter & Tech grad here and I am so honored you included him on this list! I always loved listening to him announce games!

  7. How about Raider Red’s original hand cannons? The first Tech games I attended, you knew when Raider Red fired those pistols, they were loud! I think a BB gun is louder than the pea shooters he pops off these days.

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