Unleash Chaos. Only One Will Survive. It’s Time For The Big 12 To Sweep The Deck And Eliminate The Pac 12. Big 12 Leaders Set To Meet Tuesday July 5th. Here’s How The League And Brett Yormark Can Do It.

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“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” – Former White House Chief Of Staff Rham Emanuel paraphrasing Saul Alinsky in his Rules For Radicals manifesto.

“One of us will be destroyed to get there…” -Anonymous Pac 12 AD to Pac 12 Journalist John Canzano.

The time is now for the Big 12.

There can be no hesitation and no waiting.

The time is now for the Big 12 to either rise as conference and eliminate the Pac 12 as a potential TV and on-field competitor or see the Big 12 consumed by a new-look Pac 12 trying to hang on without USC, UCLA and potentially Oregon and Washington depending on the whims of the Big 10.

For new Big 12 commissioner Brett Yorkmark, the August 1st start-date with the league has gone out the window. He may oversee major conference changes before he ever gets a pay-check from the league. Make no mistake, contrary to what some may think, Yormark and other Big 12 officials aren’t taking a day at the beach this July 4th weekend. Placid on top of the water, going like hell underneath. Much like a duck. Maybe even an Oregon duck.

We can confirm through a Raiderland source that Big 12 leadership will meet this coming Tuesday to discuss all things conference realignment and more. EVERY option is on the table of course, but this is a new league with a new leader and much like Big 12 football from a few years ago, defense has gone out the window. Expect the Big 12 to go on the offense and play from a position of strength, that the Big 12 now has. No one is leaving the Big 12 for the Pac 12. Why would they?

Big 12 teams have a solid home now, have solid new teams coming in and the TV partners have already signed off on what they like about the league. Anything the Big 12 does now only enhances that.

So, what do we think the Big 12 should do from here?

Unleash Chaos.

Do everything you can to destabilize the already weak and wounded Pac 12.

There’s a ton of finger pointing going on in the league right now, much distrust and more than a little anger and anxiety. As it should be.

Take advantage of that and offer Arizona and Arizona State immediately if not sooner. The Big 12 can absorb those teams right now, take in the last legit media market in Phoenix, add to basketball and even out the league geographically a bit. With those schools gone, the rest of the Pac 12 is in a box.

After that, wait and see if the Big 10 is gonna slow-play Oregon and Washington. You can give those schools a dead-line. Get in now and get a great deal. Wait, get passed over by the Big 10 if it adds Notre Dame or even poaches an ACC team (really hard to do with the Grant of Rights for that league lasting until 2099 or so ) and you might not have a seat at our table. Good luck running the Pac 12 without Utah, AZ, ASU and Washington, Oregon.

That’s right. Utah has never been more valuable than in the Big 12. With BYU in the fold, Utah adds value as The Holy War partner and locking up a state. Without Arizona schools and LA market gone, Utah not so valuable in a split-state to the Pac 12. To the Big 12 though, and perfect dance partner, they do dance a little right… for BYU.

Whatever happens, it needs to happen fast from a Big 12 standpoint.

Each day they wait, the Pac 12 might coalesce and try to survive. It won’t work, but they might try. I mean, we all know Stanford and Cal have been dying to invite San Diego State and Boise State into the league…


The time is now for the Big 12 under bold and brash new leader Yormark to do what it was incapable of doing under Bob Bowlsby. It’s time for the Big 12 to act like a major player in college sports and control the initiative, drive the narrative and act. By dealing the death blow to the Pac 12, the Big 12 only strengthens its negotiating power with Fox, ESPN, Amazon or anyone else wanting live sports content.

So, do something new Big 12.



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  1. I hope the Big12 sends offers to Utah, Col, and the Arizona schools Tuesday morning. I think Oregon and Washington are waiting for Big10 invites, but I’d offer them too.

  2. It is absolutely essential for the BIG-12 to make a move to strengthen the conference. The SEC & B1G are seemingly over anxious to make college football about only them. To stem that the BIG-12 and PAC must agree together on some form of realignment. I hope the best scenario wins.

  3. Exactly. I’ve been saying the Arizona schools could be had for years. We’ve made more money even when they had USC. Once the four corners teams are in the PAC will come hat in hand. In my opinion we strike hard at that next group saying our conference will protect women’s athletics from men masquerading as women AND that campus intolerance and intimidation of conservative speakers will not be tolerated.. if you can’t do that maybe the Mountain West will put up with your nonsense.

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