What We’re Thinking About Today, is ______. May 21, 2020.

What we’re thinking about today is . . . elevating expectations.

Having observed Texas Tech for a lot of years now, I think I can speak with a little historical perspective. For many years, mainly fans but also far too many coaches and athletic department employees, the level of expectation was self-limiting.

You heard more about what Texas Tech couldn’t do than what it could.

You heard folks say Tech could never compete against the Big Boys in (fill-in-the-sport-here) because of (insert-excuse-here).

Track couldn’t get high-level athletes because the weather is too bad in West Texas.

Baseball couldn’t sign great pitching because their ERA’s would be inflated by the wind blowing out.

Basketball can’t get national recruits to come to little ol’ Lubbock.

That mindset has changed greatly over the past twenty years. Wes Kittley rejected it in track. Tim Tadlock rejected it in baseball. Chris Beard has elevated recruiting by not shying away from taking on the best programs in the country head to head.

As they have embraced that attitude, fans are beginning to come around and I’m seeing more and more fans have expectations of greatness in all programs. They openly talk about winning championships.

National Championships.

It’s been a while coming, but the mindset has changed in West Texas and it’s fun to see.