What We’re Thinking About Today Is_______. Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

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What we are thinking about today is. . . nicknames.

We are living in a time of really weak nicknames.

Just Monday Texas Tech noted the passing of former basketball player J. B. “Whizzer” White. He was 99 years young!

Back in the day, if you had the last name of White, you were probably gonna be nicknamed Whizzer, after Byron ” Whizzer” White from Colorado who would later become a Supreme Court Justice, still the best Whizzer the court has ever seen.

When we think back on nicknames though, the old ones seem much better. Today on Talk 1340 we will look at some of the greatest nicknames of all-time, for Texas Tech and for sports in general. Feel free to get your nominations in the comment section below.

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  1. Ed To Tall Jones, Dandy Don, Dennis Rodman The Worm. I think Greg Maddox of the Braves and Cubs was called the professor. DiMaggio, Ruth, and Gehrig were called Murders Row.

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