The Daily Broadcast: Another Beautiful Day In Lubbock Texas – Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Enjoy Some Corned Beef and Hash! Coronavirus Impacts on West Texas, NFL QB Silly Season, You’re Great Questions And Some Fine Conversation. A Typical Tuesday In West Texas!

It was another great day in the Hubbaplex. Rain, sweet rain, falling from the sky! Great news for area Ag-Producers! And everyone else who likes to eat and wear clothes!

Also had a fine St. Patrick’s Day meal prepared by my wife. Corned beef, hash and a fried egg up top. Can’t beat it!

If you can, get out and support a local business, order an extra appetizer and tip like crazy. Folks need it.

As for this little show.. Enjoy it, comment on it, share it with your friends and please take time to thank all of our sponsors here in Raiderland!

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