The Daily Broadcast: Texas Tech Football & Hoops Plus Mike Leach To Mississippi State. Can He Make An Impact In The SEC? All That Plus Your Great Comments/Questions (Video)

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The Thursday Daily Broadcast looks at Texas helping to pay for a new Texas Tech ast. coach and the impact on recruiting the hire of Todd Orlando may have for the Red Raiders. We also get into some Texas Tech basketball as they get ready for another Big 12 rock fight, this time at West Virginia.

(Oh ya, the recovery from our New Year’s Illness seems to be going OK. Cough was a lot better tonight. You’re welcome. . . )

Add in Mike Leach to Mississippi State and it’s been an interesting day. Can the ole Pirate take down Ole Miss? That plus your comments and questions on The Daily Broadcast.

Enjoy. Post your comments and questions below if you’re a replay watcher and be sure to share it with your Texas Tech friends. TheRaiderland is growing every day thanks to you guys!

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