10/10/23: Tuesday’s Best – Celebrate The Tight End! The Crispy Taco Is Still Cool! Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Big Hits, Patsy Cline And Go Time In West Texas!

Brought to you in part by Gator’s Bayou. Hot cajun food, cold drinks and for a little while longer one of the best patios in town!

Happy Tuesday y’all !

We’ve got a few more warm days left before some nice, cold air slams the region. Slams is a little harsh, but I’m channeling my inner weather guy here. Never let a good cold front go to waste! Either way, we’re here for it. Bring on the fall temps. Needs to finally feel like football weather this weekend when Kansas State rolls into town.

Seeing lots of Halloween and “fall” decorations out. How many of y’all go all-out for October? If you got any cool set-ups, share the pics with us in the comments. Be interested to see if y’all get into Halloween like some folks do Christmas season.

On with our Tuesday program now….

Tuesday’s Best

We give you a topic, you give us your two best examples of said topic. Pretty simple there. It’s still early in the week. We don’t want to make you think too hard just yet. So, here’s our topic for today.

We talked a lot about Tight Ends over the weekend. After the performance by Texas Tech TE Baylor Cupp and the way Mason Tharp has played this season, we’ve seen a resurgence in interest and effectiveness in the TE position for the Red Raiders.

So let’s celebrate the Tight End! (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Give us you Two Best TE’s all-time. College or Pro. Who do you consider either the greatest at the position or your favorites? The position, maybe more than any other on the offensive side of the ball have evolved greatly over the years. Baltimore’s John Mackey and Chicago’s Mike Ditka are considered the first and best of the Modern Tight End by many.

Today we’ve got mega-athletic TE’s like Kansas City’s Travis Kelce giving defenses match-up problems.

So, who is on your list today? Who makes the cut at TE for Tuesday’s Best in Raiderland?

Best Thing I Ever Ate

A great Food Network show, we steal it each week and find out some of your favorite things. Here’s what we’re looking for today.

Crispy Tacos.

The crispy taco seems to be pushed to the sidelines these days by the food elites. You know who we’re talking about. Looking at you, KFYO Radio Host Chad Hasty… All the hipsters are on “street tacos”. The crispy taco suddenly is old and uncool.

We disagree.

A great crispy taco is a work of art! Whether it’s the main dish, minimum three, or it’s an add-on to a great plate like the Big Grande at Chilito Pepper in Wolffarth, the crispy taco rules. If it’s ever offered as an add-on, you always take it. Always!

What makes a great crispy taco?

First the shell has to be just right. Not too think and not too flimsy. A snap to it and yes, it should crackle a bit and give you the effect of a fine taco salad at the end as you scoop us the remains. It must contain the trinity of tacos. Lettuce, tomatoes, and lots of shredded cheese. You can’t have too much cheese. After that, go to town and put on what you like. Do crispy tacos have sour cream? No. They do not. Burritos do, tacos do not.

So, give us the greatest crispy tacos. Who makes them and where do you get them? From fast food to great Mexican food restaurants, let’s get our taco on this Tuesday!

Raiderland Hot-Links

Cool stuff we like and figure you’ll like the links too. As always, if you see something, send it our way.