The Top 3 “Most American Sporting Events”. Here’s Ours! What Are Yours?

In honor of the Army-Navy Game, or the Navy-Army Game if you so choose. . .

What are the Most Americana Sporting Event we have in The United Sates?

Here’s my Top 3. These are games and moments that are singularly American, that can’t be duplicated anywhere else and that we as Americans hold in unique value for many different reasons.

  1. The Army-Navy Game in college football. I don’t think I have to explain this one. If I do, you don’t get it and I can’t reach you.
  2. The Kentucky Derby. They race horses all around the world. We do it better and on a grander stage for one singular day in early May. They bring horses from around the world to race in Kentucky. We wear goofy hats and drink crap drinks. America!
  3. The Indianapolis 500/Daytona 500. Again, there are car races around the world. The two most coveted to win are on American soil. They couldn’t be more different races with different fans, but they are decidedly American in nature.

So, there’s my Top 3 Most American Sporting Events.

What are yours?


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  1. Mine is
    1 Opening Day in Baseball
    2 Indianapolis 500
    3 Daytona 500

    If it were a top 5 the Army/navy game would be 4th, but with auto racing being the sport that I follow the most, Indy/Daytona will rank higher in my mind.

    Luckily we live in a country that has numerous sporting events that are highly entertaining.

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