5 Things We Know On A Sunday – It’s All About Christmas This Week! From What We Watch To What You Should Watch To What We Got Away With In The 70s To What Three Smart Dudes Should Have Done A Few Years Ago!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I like to watch Hallmark Channel Christmas movies with my wife. Ok. I like to watch Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.
  2. I think I’ve gone “Caroling” exactly twice in my life. I mean the real and actual going house-to-house and ringing the door bell and singing unwanted songs “Caroling”. I’m glad I did it. The 1970s were wild and forgiving times!
  3. Top 3 Christmas TV Specials All-Time. 1 A Charlie Brown Christmas. 2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. 3. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. This is not up for debate. Just share with your kids and call it good!
  4. If you ever get the chance to dress up and play Santa Claus, do it. I’ve been lucky enough to get to do that a few times and you’ll never feel better about the world than after you don the suit. Trust me on this one.
  5. Queso is a Christmas staple. Tamales too. Let’s be honest, if they’d had the time, the Three Wise Men are showing up with Queso, Tamales and Brisket instead of the other stuff they picked up along the way. . .

Hyatt .


  1. 5 More…

    1. If you’re a parent, especially of younger children, you’d be smart to make it a priority to sit down, as a family, to watch those Christmas TV specials; Charlie Brown Christmas, Sabra Claus Is Coming To Town, abs Rudolph. Don’t just let those things become favorite shows. Make them “favorite memories.”

    2. Last Christmas, I switched the rooftop Christmas lights, from old school C9 “ceramic” bulbs, to the C9 LED bulbs. When the post-Christmas sales begin, in a few weeks, I’ll be purchasing 5 new strands of the old school, C9 “ceramic” bulbs, and getting rid of the LEDs. We all make mistakes. That lighting change, was one of mine.

    3. Putting up, and decorating the Christmas tree, is emotionally therapeutic. Sitting in a dark Room, TV turned off, with the tree lit up and your favorite Christmas music playing…even more therapeutic.

    4. Watching a football game being played in a heavy snow, just feels right.

    5. Wrapping Christmas presents is becoming a lost art. In my book, if I’m given a gift wrapped in wrapping paper, especially if that paper has some kind of “nostalgic” look to it, it’s almost certainly going to have more meaning to me, than if it is given to me…dropped into a paper bag with a picture of a Sponge Bob wearing a Santa hat. No offense to the give. It’s just how I see things. Wrapping paper holds special value. Use it, often.

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