11/24/23: Most (West) Texan Thing, Texas Tech At Texas One Last Time,Make Your Predictions, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring – Texas Tech NYC Take-Over, Dolly Parton + Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders = Broken Internet And A HBD Salute To MST3K

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Happy Friday everyone!

We certainly hope Thursday was full of family, friends, food and football. And hoops. Ours was. Still recovering a bit from all the food. We also still have pie. Lots of pie. Takes the pressure off what to eat during the game tonight.

We’ve got on final shot for the Red Raiders against Texas in Austin tonight. I am fairly detached emotionally at this point. I don’t consider it a rivalry because Texas never did. One-sided hate doesn’t work out too well. I’ll miss the game from a football stand-point though and definitely from a historical stand-point. As Texas Tech head coach Joey McGuire opined this week, each year college football loses some of the history and fabric of what made it compelling. This is one more example.

Y’all go ahead and post your predictions for tonight here in the comments. We’ll of course be with you after the game for Raiderland Rewind Presented by Thacker Jewelry. So enjoy and then sit in with us tonight and recap the whole deal live and with your comments and questions.

Most (West Texan) Thing

Each Friday we ask you what the Most Texan Thing was that you did. This week, as we do when Tech is playing Texas, we want to know the Most West Texan Thing you did this week. Does going 30 minutes out of our way just to NOT drive on I-20 back from Stephenville on Monday count? It should. So, how West Texan were ya? Did anyone make the trek from parts unknown to come back to West Texas for Thanksgiving? Let us know! Be sure and share the column today with your friends. They need to know how West Texan you really are.

Raiderland Hot-Links

We see it. We like it. We link to it. Feel free to add your own cool stuff in the comments. We always appreciate it!