11/30/23: Either/Or – Shreveport Or Ft. Worth, Texas Tech At “Hoosiers” Gym, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring Small Schools, Hud & Bo Jackson

Brought to you in part by Gators Bayou at 98th and Slide in Lubbock. Hot cajun food and cold, cold, drinks. Hey, watch the game this afternoon. Still warm enough at 5:30 you could probably sit on the patio. Gators also always has the sound ON for Texas Tech games!

Happy Thursday y’all!

And all of a sudden it was the last day of November. Texas Tech Football is awaiting a bowl game, Tech hoops has enough games under their belts to make some evaluations on the Lady Raider (undefeated) and Tech men (in action tonight)and the Dallas Cowboys are gonna win another game tonight to make their fans believe this year really will be different… Ah, what a wonderful time of year!

Texas Tech Basketball

The Red Raiders are at Butler tonight tipping off at 5:30. We’ll have Roundball Rewind with y’all after the game around 7:30, so no Daily Broadcast at 6:30 per usual. Butler is a solid program with wins over Penn. State and Boise State this year. This is a quality road game with Butler checking in at 91 on the Hoops HD Nitty Gritty List. Texas Tech is progged as a 12 seed right now at HoopsHD. Not bad compared to where they’ve been early in the year the past five years or so.

What makes this game cool?

Admit. It’s that Butler calls venerable Hinkle Fieldhouse home. That’s the gym they used to film the State Finals game in Hoosiers. Do you think McCasland has a tape measure with him this trip? It’s one of the last true old field house gyms in the country. It’s also one I’ve never had the chance to call a game from. Jealous of Geoff Haxton tonight! It’s one I wish I had on my list of places I’ve made a three-pointer at.

As for the game, you’re hoping for more of Michigan from last Friday night. That was what this Texas Tech team can look like each night. Joe Toussaint needs to take control of this team. He can if the other players will let him. Should be a fun game tonight.

Either/Or Thursday

Each Thursday we take the gray out of the world and make things black and white. It’s either/or. Can’t be both. You gotta choose. Sometimes sports, sometimes not. Sometimes both. Post your answers in the comment section below.

When it comes to a bowl game for Texas Tech where would you rather play? Either Shreveport and the Independence Bowl, OR TCU’s stadium and the Armed Forces Bowl? Which one and why?

Raiderland Hot-Links

We find ’em, we post ’em. You can post cool ones if you’ve got them. So do it.

These guys need to do the National Anthem at the Tech/Butler game tonight!