2/15/24: Either/Or Thursday – Fried Shrimp V. Fried Catfish, Texas Tech Baseball, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring College Baseball, HBD To The Breakfast Club, John Wayne Eating BBQ At Six Flags And Flatland Cavalry Rocking The Ryman

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Happy Thursday, y’all!

It’s like Christmas Eve for College Baseball fans today. One more sleep and it’s #27Outs time for another season. This Texas Tech team has me very interested to watch the first month to see how things progress. Tons of upside and lots of things to sort out. We get our first glimpse Friday night against a very good Tennessee team. You may remember their pitching coach. Frank Anderson. I hope he behaves!

Not only that but a massive road game for Tech MBB this Saturday at Ames against ISU. Merely playing them is good for the old RPI. Steal a Big 12 road win and Tech is right back in the conversation for a 6 seed or better in the NCAA Tournament. Yep. It’s that time. Time to start thinking about seeding. We’ll look more at that tonight at 6:30 on The Daily Broadcast, LIVE on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Go watch the Wednesday show for a deep dive on the teams Texas Tech is competing against for better seeds right now.

Ether/Or Thursday

Life usually isn’t black and white. Usually there is a depends. Not on Thursday in Raiderland. We make you make tough choices with our Either/Or Questions. Post your answers in the comment section below.

  1. You walk into a great seafood place and find out it’s All You Can Eat Fried Day. What do you choose and why? Either all the Fried Shrimp you can eat; OR all the Fried Catfish you can eat? This would be one of my tougher choices to make in the food world. I have a slight lean towards the shrimp, but great fried catfish with good tartar sauce is hard to beat. Which one do you choose?
  2. Texas Tech Baseball vs Texas Rangers. At the end of June, who will have hit more home runs? Either Texas Tech All-American Gavin Kash; OR Texas Rangers third baseman Josh Jung? I figure it’s a fair comparison at this point. Which guy is going yard more by the end of June.

Have some fun with your answers and if you know of a great place for fried shrimp and catfish ( hi there Gator’s Bayou ) let us know and we’ll meet ya there!

Raiderland Hot-Links

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  1. Do I get to try the shrimp and catfish before deciding becauae both are great, but can have days.

    Jung will have more bombs

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