3/26/24: Tuesday’s Best, Texas Tech Baseball, Raiderland Hot-Links Former Red Raider Gets The Call To The Bigs, Howard Cosell & Tough Texas Kids

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Happy Tuesday, y’all!

We’ve gone from wicked winds to potential rain this evening around the South Plains, so Texas Tech Baseball moved up the start time for their game with hapless SFA. Zach Erdman gets the start for the Red Raiders today, causing some to wonder if we are going to see a Washburn/Petty combo this weekend at UCF. We will know soon enough since it’s another Thursday, Friday, Saturday series with it being Easter weekend.

As for Texas Tech, they start the day at 65 in the D1Baseball.com RPI. Not great but they can rapidly improve with some quality wins. Today won’t be that win though, because SFA is so low, all they can do is hurt you, just by playing them. Win, move on.

Tuesday’s Best

As we get ready to head into April, one of the great months in West Texas every year weather-wise, we ask you today to give us The Two Best Outdoor Dining Patios in Lubbock and around the area!

Shout-out to our friends at Gator’s Bayou on 98th and Slide. Perfect shade and the wind is blocked for the most part. Same goes for Abuelo’s Courtyard at 82nd and Quaker. I know there are others, so give us your Two Best On Tuesday

Raiderland Hot-Links

We see stuff we think you’ll like and post it. So enjoy!