5/24/23 Question O’ The Day: Who Are The Greatest Baseball Players All-Time From Your Hometown/High School?

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As we start the post-season today for Red Raider Baseball, let’s talk about some of the greats from your town or high school. Some of y’all are from big cities and whatnot so easier to focus down on your school. So, here’s your question;

Who are the two or three greatest baseball players from your hometown or high school, all-time?

As for me, Lubbock Coronado has produced a lot of great baseball players. Justin Duchsherer was pretty good as a Mustang but really came into his own as a pro player for Oakland. Pitched in an All-Star Game. That’s good. A career 33-25 record ain’t too shabby either. Brad Ralston took Coronado to their first State Title Game appearance before pitching great for some very good Texas Tech teams. One Mustang who never played after high school was Mike Smith. Yep the Red Raider linebacker could probably have played pro baseball. A bit raw coming out of high school, would have been interesting to see what he did on the diamond. Football worked out though.

That’s just a few right there. What do y’all got today? Enjoy and share and be sure to add your comments. See y’all tonight at 6:30 on Twitter Live and Facebook Live for the Daily Broadcast and then after Tech-WVU for Diamond Talk.



  1. El Paso has had some great high school baseball players. Butch Henry, Bruce Ruffin, Frank Castillo. Who knows Ivan Melendez might top them all.

    • Fact.
      El Paso has had some great individual talent over the years.
      Sadly for them, best teams always ran into Monterey it seemed
      like early in the play-offs. Anyone remember a pitcher named Rocky Coppinger (spelling?)

      • Oh yes I know Rocky and all his brothers. Lots of talent there. I was there when he dueled with Matt Miller and Monterey and somehow El Paso Coronado got the win and then lost to Jimmy Frush and Abilene Cooper in the regional final. I still don’t like Abilene Cooper to this day!

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