5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From 1917 To George Strait, Steaks To Trucks & How You Can Really Honor Lubbock’s Finest – This Is What We Know On A Sunday!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I haven’t seen the movie 1917 yet. I hear it is fantastic. I do know this. They should show both Patton and Band of Brothers in school as part of history classes. Patton around 9th grade and juniors should see Band of Brothers. That would be better than any “standardized test” I can think of when it comes to learning about American Excellence. We still teach that, right?
  2. The outpouring of support for Lubbock’s fallen police office and firefighter this past week didn’t surprise me at all. That’s West Texas at it’s finest. If you really want to honor the memory of Lubbock Police Officer Nicholas Reyna and Lubbock Firefighter Eric Hill, don’t stop there. The folks at the funerals, the folks lining the streets, the politicians making statements of support – even the folks lining up to buy t-shirts with money going to the families…. all great; but it’s only a start. If you want to honor them and their brothers and sisters who provide you safety every day in Lubbock, pick-up the phone and call your city council rep and tell them if they don’t submit legislation at the next council meeting raising the pay for all first responders that you will not vote for them again and you’ll tell everyone you know not to vote for them. From Mayor Dan Pope on down, this is a moment to really make a difference. A few weeks ago Lubbock gave tax dollars to the tune of nearly a million dollars to folks downtown to put up new awnings and paint up stuff and make it look pretty. Imagine how many officers could be on the street for a million dollars. Lubbock’s priorities are screwed up. From dog parks to splash pads, bike lanes to other things that don’t matter… it’s time for Lubbock to grow-up. It’s up to y’all to demand change. Buy the shirts, wave the flags, but if you really want to honor the dead, do something for the living in their memory. It’s up to you….
  3. Top 3 George Strait songs all-time: 1. The Chair. 2. I Can Still Make Cheyenne. 3. The Chill Of An Early Fall. Ask me tomorrow and I might give you 3 different songs.
  4. The minute you think you’re really smart and what-not, try and find your latest insurance card in your truck or wallet. . .
  5. If I told you Lubbock doesn’t have a great streak house, would you agree or disagree? Notice, I didn’t say a place that might serve a great steak, I said great steak house. Feel free to discuss. I know which way I lean these days. . .



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