5 Things We Know On A Sunday. – From Disco To Appetizers, To Mahomes And Texas Tech Sports. . . This Is What We Know On A Sunday!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. There’s actually some Disco music that’s pretty dang good.
  2. Patrick Mahomes is human. Even Roger Staubach lost like 3 or 4 games when he was quarterbacking The Dallas Cowboys. Maybe even five. I’d have to look it up.
  3. Top 3 Lubbock Appetizers. No. 3. Orlando’s “Down and Dirty Tortellini”. No. 2. Nick’s Sports Grill & Lounge Onion Rings. ( No longer available because Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a despot jack-ass ruler by decree.) No. 1. Spanky’s Fried Cheese. Yes, they’ve lost a step over the years… but it’s still fried cheese. And it’s good.
  4. Most folks don’t have the intestinal fortitude to be a Texas Tech sports fan.
  5. The Presidential race hasn’t started yet, the polls are not even close yet and there is no such thing as an undecided voter.



  1. 6 – The best football being played this fall is on Thursday and Friday nights under the lights in small town America.

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