5 Things We Know On A Sunday: From Talking Girls And Parties To Gas Prices And Fiber, Best National Chain Sammich, Long-Gone Lubbock Drink Specials, Crazy Teenage Boy Room Smells And Why I Call It The ”British Open”… Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Not sure what age this happens, but it happens. When did you go from telling your friends about drink specials at bars to telling them about low gas prices at different places? The older you get, it’s interesting the conversations you have with friends. Once upon a time you’d be talking with your buddies at the bar about girls and parties. Later on, you tell you buddies exciting stories about finding a fiber product that really works and a prescription plan that actually does save you money.
    Don’t laugh, young’uns. Your day is coming.
  2. When it comes to national chain sandwich shops, Jersey Mike’s #13 ”Mike’s Way” is the best around. If you’ve got something better, let me know. Until then, Jersey Mike’s #13 is the King.
  3. Top 3 Long-Gone Lubbock Happy Hour Spots/Drink Specials: No. 3. The Virgin Club (real name) Late 80s/Early90s. Any Drink, Any Coin. We’d bring a sandwich bag of coins in and tell the waitress to bring cheap drinks until the bag was empty. No. 2. Spanky’s. 50 Cent Longnecks on Monday Night. Probably around 1989 or 90. The original, old, one-floor location. Two really bad TVs, Monday Night Football. Sometimes Tech football players would wander over after practice. He-Man Woman Hater Burger with okra for the win. No. 1. Gardski’s Loft. Dollar Drink Specials each night of the week. Can’t remember what was on each night, but I think Wednesday was Fuzzy Navel night. Didn’t know what it was, didn’t care, but we’d sit upstairs and drink them before heading out for a night of West Texas fun. If y’all have a few fond memories of cheap drinks around the Hubbaplex, add it to the comments. We’ve probably left a few out and certainly are operating in a small window of time!
  4. If you have a teenage boy living under your roof, you will learn that there are smells that can’t be attributed to mere human existence when you go into their room. I’m sure I was guilty myself back in the day, but my son seems to have taken it on as a challenge or a science project to see exactly how he create an aroma of funk that the English language is ill-equipped to describe. That nothing of organic life-form is actually deceased in his room is an amazing fact. The person who creates a spray that actually makes that go away will make millions. For now, the best treatment is…sunlight.
  5. I live in West Texas and I’ll call it the British Open if I want to. George Washington made sure I could do that years ago. Plus, we call it the U.S. Open here in the United States. Why? Because we’re proud of our country. The R&A can think they’re establishing golf superiority over us by just calling it ”The Open”, but we know better. They should just be glad Washington and the colonies didn’t have a better Navy and Marine Corp in 1776 and 1812. Otherwise, this week, they’d be playing Part Two of The U.S. Open! (Editors Note – They’d also have won WWI much more quickly and WWII would never have happened… )



  1. Power Hour at the Midnight Rodeo, Thursdays from 7-8 I think? was great, cheap drinks. Lots of good places to get a lot of cheap drinks in Lubbock in the late 80’s early 90’s!!

  2. The Cadillac Bar (located next to the building Fat Dawgs had utilized) $2 pitchers on Thursdays in the Spring of 88 from 2 pm to 6 pm. That Happy Hour and College Night ($1 shots) at Dallas Nights (formerly New West) made it very difficult to make the 12:30 Marketing class my last semester.

  3. Fat Dawg’s, Coldwater Country Crash & Burn $1 longneck and tequila shot, Texas Spoon for blue margaritas, Mesquite’s for beer and onion rings, Jug Little’s BBQ on Fridays when they had a band, White Pig for malts, Copper Caboose on 4th street for MNF, Uncle Nasty’s, Main Street Saloon. All of these back in 83 and 84.

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