5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Things We’ve Won, To Food We Buy For Dogs, To Top SNL Characters All-Time Plus What May Be The Greatest Song To Come Out Of The Panhandle… We Write-You Discuss & Debate!

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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5 5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I’ve won numerous battles that were never worth fighting in the first place.
  2. Every time you spend a lot of money buying dog food that sounds more gourmet than what you’ll eat all week for lunch, remember this is the same animal that will eat a dried out, dead frog like beef jerky. Your dog loves you. You’re dog doesn’t need expensive food.
  3. Top 3 Saturday Night Live Characters All-Time: No. 3. Chris Farley as motivational speaker Matt Foley. See y’all down by the river! No. 2. Comedian Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci. The greatest gossip columnist and rock critic ever to work for the Vatican Newspaper! No. 1. Eddie Murphy as Buckwheat/James Brown in Celebrity Hot Tub/ Mrs. Robinson’s Neighborhood. No contest: Watch this!
  4. Labor Day is the traditional end of Summer for most folks. 2020 will be the year we didn’t have a summer. We went from winter into Spring Break…hold on… wait… stop…. oh it’s summer now? Well, that’s nice let’s go to… oh wait, what? Well, we’ll just go later in the summer… uh… oh look, it’s time for school. Maybe 2021 will actually have seasons and dates on the calendar that matter.
  5. Susan Gibson wrote it. Martie Erwin, Emily Erwin and Natalie Maines made it famous. “Wide Open Spaces” will rank as one of the greatest songs to ever come out the Panhandle of West Texas. P.S. I miss The Groobies. . .