5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Why It’s Never Too Early For Christmas To Social Media, Queso Wisdom To What Lubbock Voters Told Politicians That They’ll Ignore To Why I Should Listen To My Wife ( And Why You Should Too ) Enjoy. Comment. Share.

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. It’s never too early to decorate for Christmas. Don’t cheat yourself out of JOY! If you’re one of those folks who hates that Thanksgiving gets overtaken by Christmas… try this. Be Thankful for Christmas. Trust me, you can do both. I used to be one of you people who wouldn’t decorate until after Thanksgiving. I saw the Light! You can too.
  2. I utilize Social Media to my advantage from a business standpoint. I truly hate Social Media.
  3. Top 3 Awesome Things To Put In Queso That You Might Not Put Into Your Queso: No. 3. Sausage. Any flavor you want. Can’t tell you how much sausage makes queso better. Key is to dry the sausage off with a paper towel to get the grease out so is blends in with the cheese. No. 2. Chipotle sauce. Puréed, blended, whatever. It is a great way to bring out some heat and flavor while blending in with the cheese. No. 1. Soy Sauce. Trust me. Experiment. Work on it, but it works.
  4. Lubbock voters rejected a roads bond package this past week. These bonds almost alway pass. That it didn’t was a complete and utter repudiation of the current members of the City Council. The message voters gave the Council was simple – “We don’t trust you.”. The message will be lost on those members. One will run for mayor and another will try to replace John Frullo in Austin. Both will lose. Both will never truly understand why. . . And that’s the story of politics in Lubbock these days. . .
  5. When your wife tells you you’re wrong, you’re probably wrong. When you’re wife tells you you’re wrong and you think she’s wrong; you’re most definitely wrong. Sometimes, I need to read my own columns before I write them!