5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Praying For Rain, Watching Birds, Eating Steaks, Seeing ”Grown-Ups” Lose Their Minds Over Sports Plus Random Stuff I Can’t Get This Week In Joe Biden’s America.

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. There is no optimism like that of a farmer praying for rain.
  2. I’m not sure how old you have to be before you really like to watch birds at a bird-feeder… but I am that old. We’ve got a bird-feeder and house right off the front porch now and it’s really cool to watch. You don’t realize how many different birds hang around your place until you put out some feed and have a little water for them to take advantage of. I’m pretty much an expert now. I can identify red birds and blue birds and birds that are brown and some that are fat. I feel like a host on Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.
  3. Top 3 Places In Lubbock That I Should Eat At More And For Some Reason Don’t: No. 3. Samburgers. One of the first places my Dad took me when he got a coaching job at Coronado in 1979. It’s still there. Ate there during high school. Forget about it too often. It’s out of my normal routes around town now on 34th St. Need to make it happen. No. 2. Taqueria Jalisco. Down on about 22nd and Q. So good. Don’t get there enough. Sometimes the waitress’ English is a little off and my Spanish is a little off and that’s perfect. We get there. No. 1. Bryan’s Steaks. Used to be a semi-regular back in the day. Solid steaks, solid sides. Unpretentious. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. Just straight-forward, West Texas steaks. I apologize for not going enough. Looks like I’ve got some places to hit pretty soon. What about y’all?
  4. I run a sports-based website/digital platform and host a sports-based talk show. After 30-plus years I’m still amazed how so many folks invest so much of their personal identity and self-worth ( it seems ) in how the sports teams they follow perform. It’s great for my business, but it really blows me away how much energy and hubris some people expend on things they truly have no real role in. I always thought sports were fun and to be enjoyed. I never realized the teams I followed somehow defined me and had a direct impact on my life. Maybe one day, I’ll understand.
  5. Random things I couldn’t get this week in Joe Biden’s America: Super Big Gulp cups at 7-11, plastic ice cube trays (don’t ask), canned dog food and gas for under 4 bucks. Other than that, everything is going fine.



  1. I guess I’m old too. We have a bird feeder and we have a beautiful cardinal that dines every day. I look forward to seeing him. His name is simply, Red. He and my bird dog, Augustus, have a love hate relationship that’s hilarious to watch.

    The 3 restaurants you listed are treasures. How did the old Burger House across from Putt Putt go down? I used to call them twice a week from Jackie Jarrett’s office phone. I could leave Coronado and be there in 3 minutes and be back before she knew I was gone. I miss those days.

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