5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Some Folks Don’t Deserve To Live In West Texas, Cheap Trick’s Greatest Song, Three Things That Wouldn’t Be Happening If Donald Trump Were President Of The United States, Why Men Don’t Reorganize Things Plus Who’ll Get Into Your Wallet First…

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. If you can’t trade a few dusty days in the Spring for all the great Summer and Fall nights, you just don’t deserve to live in West Texas. I’ll take on any spot in the country when it comes to West Texas at it’s Best Texas.
  2. ”Dream Police” is the greatest Cheap Trick song. Period.
  3. Top 3 Things That Wouldn’t Be Happening If Donald Trump Were Still President Of The United States: No. 3. Gas wouldn’t be nearly four dollars a gallon. No. 2. A Texas National Guardsman wouldn’t have drowned trying to save an illegal immigrant from dangerously trying to cross the Rio Grande. No. 1. Millions of Ukrainian citizens wouldn’t be refugees right now and thousands of Ukrainians wouldn’t be victims of a Russian genocide. Argue and debate, but you know these things are fact.
  4. My wife is reorganizing the kitchen this weekend. I may never find anything again. There’s a reason guys don’t ”organize”. Once we figure out where things are, we want them to be there. Forever. If someone relocates my in-the-house screwdrivers and hammers… I never can find them. They’re in a drawer for a reason! In fact, if it weren’t for women, nothing would ever change in a house. When’s the last time a husband said, ”ya know, that chair would really be great over there by the fern…” Once we settle on something, we’re good. I’ll let y’all know next week if I can find the aluminum foil. …
  5. I’m convinced most folks know more about what’s going on in Washington D.C. than their own hometown. They focus on the big picture and forget what’s happening locally. It’s your local “friends” and ”community leaders” who’ll have their hand in your wallet long before D.C. gets to ya. Part of the problem is local media. For the most part, they’re afraid to cover city councils and county commissioners. They’re afraid a Chamber of Commerce type will threaten them by pulling advertising. Same goes for a lot of private citizens when it comes to speaking out. They’re worried about the local cheerleaders attacking their business or family. What a shame. That said, pay attention folks. The wolf may live in Washington, but the coyotes can get ya just as easily right where you live. Get informed and vote your conscience. Thankfully in Lubbock, folks have someone like Chad Hasty on KFYO doing the heavy lifting, unafraid and uninterested in being co-opted by local politicos and big-wigs.