Daily Broadcast

Daily Video Broadcast: Texas Tech Baseball Postponed. It’s So Windy That________! Your Master’s Champions Dinner Menu (Must Contain Fried Okra). Plus, Is America Better Off Today Than Yesterday With Arraignment Of Pres. Donald Trump? Great Conversation Tonight. Enjoy And Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Some Folks Don’t Deserve To Live In West Texas, Cheap Trick’s Greatest Song, Three Things That Wouldn’t Be Happening If Donald Trump Were President Of The United States, Why Men Don’t Reorganize Things Plus Who’ll Get Into Your Wallet First…

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Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Pres. Trump’s Brilliant Political Play Using The Big 10. How Budget Slashing At Texas Tech & UT Usher In “Real World” Economics For College Programs. That Plus Great Fan Comments & More!

Trump’s Big Play can’t lose… […]