5 Things We Know On A Sunday – The Debate Greg & Beto Didn’t Want You To Watch, Putting Sheets On A Bed, Things I Don’t Understand This Week, Hard Conversations About Taco Soup & Parking Lot Problems. Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. If the two men running for Governor in Texas really wanted you to watch a debate, it wouldn’t have been on a Friday night. Neither candidate wanted you to watch. Instead, they want to be able to tell you after the fact their version of events, and then bet the media won’t do much to alter their narrative. I’d say voters deserve better, but I know better. Voters get what they put up with and allow. No more, no less.
  2. Fact. I have a better shot of going 5-0 on NFL ATS picks than I do of choosing the right corner to start off on when it comes to putting sheets on a bed.
  3. Top 3 Things I Freely Admit I Don’t Understand This Week: No. 3. The View is still on TV and watched by human beings. No. 2. When given a week or at least several days warning, why folks don’t get the hell outta the way of a hurricane. It’s big and you can see it on the radar thing. I know that’s crass maybe, but if you give me three-five days to get out of the way of a tornado, I’m on the next bus to Muleshoe. I don’t get it. … No. 1. Pumpkin Spice anything.
  4. I never have corn in my tacos. Why is corn in taco soup? It’s nearly time to have that discussion with your loved ones.
  5. Don’t know how it is where you call home, but in Lubbock, most parking lots are horribly designed. When it comes to the width and angle of spaces, taking into account a helluva lot of big trucks and SUVs, most parking lots are worthless. Is it that hard to make spaces wider and angle them better? Sure, you might lose a few spots, but how often is any shopping center completely, 100% full. Also, doesn’t it make a business look more popular if you can’t get a space? I’m not asking for much. Just a fighting chance to get in and out of a space without a protractor and a NASA engineer.


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