8/1/23 Question O’ The Day: 2Word2sDay, Pac 12 TV Disaster, err Deal, Big 12 Waiting To Pounce.

Courtesy Lubbock A-J and old friend Sharon!

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Happy Tuesday, y’all.

We’re gonna have a busy day in Raiderland. The Pac 12 leaders finally get to see the TV deal miracled up by George Kliavkoff in a matter of days since Colorado left; and no one is gonna like it. Well maybe Oregon State… Arizona regents are already meeting today at 3:30 to discuss….something. We’ll see what happens The Big 12 meanwhile waits with open arms for 1-3 schools. I lean three right now. Makes sense.

Texas Tech has their local Media Day Thursday, so get ready to see a million sound-bites out of it. And all pretty much a repeat of the Big 12 Media Day a few weeks ago. But you gotta do something, right?

Meanwhile, it’s Tuesday. We give you a topic each Tuesday and you give us two words to describe it. Then you can expand beyond that. We hope you do. Here’s today’s topic:

In Two-Words, tell us what made former Red Raider and soon to be Pro Football Hall Of Fame Zach Thomas special? What made him different? What made him a HOF player?

Good luck trying to come up with something that hasn’t already been said about Thomas. It won’t be easy.

If you’ve got questions or thoughts or topics you want us to use on the Daily Broadcast tonight, post them here as well. Always nice to have a heads-up on what you’re thinking out there. We’ll see ya tonight around 6:30 on Facebook Live, Twitter Live (X) and Youtube Live. Take your pick!