8/7/23 Question O’ The Day, Raiderland Helmet Stickers, Monday Hot-Links.

Happy Monday y’all!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, except for some Utah fans and of course Arizona State (interim?) A.D. Ray Anderson!

Lots going on now in Raiderland. Texas Tech football and soccer and volleyball all in full-mode preseason workouts. Tech football won’t have a media avail until Wednesday night, so not a lot of news will come out this week on that front. Somehow though, I’m sure we will have plenty to talk about this week around the Old Truck Stop Conference. Let’s get on with our Monday things.

Question O’ The Day: From Most Liked to Least Liked; rank the incoming Pac 12 schools. If early returns are anything, Utah fans and Arizona St. leaders are going to make them easy schools to root against for a lot of Big 12 Folks. Post your answers in the comment section below and we’ll use some of the best on the Daily Broadcast tonight.

Who gets your Raiderland Helmet Stickers this week for being awesome? Sports or non-sports, who deserves some recognition this week. Ya, we know it’s kinda hard some Monday’s to do this without a bunch of games going on, but there’s always someone who deserves a shout-out and this is the place to do it. We’ll read off some of them tonight on the Daily Broadcast at 6:30ish on Facebook Live, Twitter Live and YouTube Live. Lots of choices for you. We aim to please in Raiderland.

We’ll give out a couple of Raiderland Helmet Stickers today:
Zach Thomas. Great PFHOF speech on Saturday. I’ve ignored the Hall of Fame ceremony for years. In fact, I don’t pay much attention to Halls of Fame in general. For Thomas, we made an exception. Glad we did. He’s the same guy at his core today as the guy I knew at Texas Tech in the mid-90s. A rarity in this world. Don Williams fine column.
Josh Jung. Gave us a great season. Broke his thumb Sunday in the Texas Rangers win. If he’s out six-weeks he should be back before post-season play; if the Rangers make it. Will this derail his AL Rookie of the Year bid? We’ll see. Several sports books took it off the board late Sunday afternoon.

Raiderland Hot-Links
Welcome to a new feature here in Raiderland. Each day we’ll bring you links to cool stories, things that interest us and things we think you might like as well. If you come across anything, feel free to post it here on our site in the comments and we’ll add it to the next day’s run if it’s really good. This will also be a way we can share awesome pics and anything else you send us that celebrates Raiderland and West Texas. So get ready to have some fun with this and send us you great links, tweets (are we still calling them that) and anything else you think is Raiderland Hot-Link Worthy!