9/1/23 What’s The Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week? Friday Update. Big Weekend.

Happy Friday, y’all.

We’ve made it to Week 1 for Texas Tech. Finally.

We had a late night getting in from high school football (sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug -son’s team played the role of the bug last night) so abbreviated post this morning. We will have an extended Raiderland Hot-Links post this afternoon and the Daily Broadcast will roll out around 6:30ish tonight with our thoughts and predictions for Texas Tech at Wyoming. So let’s get to it!

Question O’ The Day

Each week we want you to either remain a strong Texan, embrace your Texanness even more or for some; finally start acting like a Texan. So we have a running question each Friday:

What The Most Texan Thing You’ve Done This Week?

If you haven’t done anything really Texan, go do something and then report back. Post your comments below and we’ll see ya this afternoon on the show and with expanded Friday Raiderland Hot-Links. Got cool links? Send them our way in the comment section.