5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Four Mondays & A Saturday, Northwestern Football Scandal, Sam Elliott Makes Things Better, Lubbock Needs Less & Blue Is A Flavor.

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. This past week felt like four Mondays wrapped around a Saturday/Sunday. We have very smart people in this country. Shift those folks from working on putting metal in a microwave and have them figure out how to have July 4th always land on a Saturday. This should be workable.
  2. What’s going on at Northwestern in their football program is a not-so-gentle reminder that if you think you know famous people or public figures; you don’t. No matter who they are. From politicians to Pastors folks project what they want to project onto the people they follow. That’s dangerous business. Heck, most folks don’t know their own selves. . .
  3. Top 3 Sports Movies That Would Have Been Better With Sam Elliott: No. 3. “Days Of Thunder”. Elliott plays the car owner instead of Randy Quaid. Elliott gets tired of Cole Trickle whining and just shoots him one afternoon. No. 2. “Hoosiers”. Elliott plays coach Norman Dale instead of Gene Hackman. Elliott realizes he’s trained his group of players so well he wakes them up one morning, puts them on horses and drives a herd of cattle to Montana and starts a ranch. No. 1. “Miracle”. Elliott plays coach Herb Brooks. Not only does the U.S. hockey team beat the Russians, but Elliott then goes to West Germany and tears down the Berlin Wall with the players in full uniform, ending the Cold War ten years early. Things Go Better With Sam.
  4. Like most cities Lubbock needs a lot of things. Like most cities it doesn’t need More of certain things, it needs Less of particular things. These days, Lubbock would probably better with Less city departments of This and That. I can’t go to a convenience store and not see some ubiquitous city-owned vehicle there with Department of ……. painted on the side. Most of the department titles are so nebulous I have no idea what they might be trying to regulate. That’s probably the goal. Again, a man running for office could garner a lot of votes by saying what he’d do Less of, not More of.
  5. Blue is the best sno-cone or Slurpee flavor. There is no debate here.



  1. If it’s blue raspberry then it’s acceptable according to my wife.

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