Daily Broadcast: How To Re-Open Lubbock For Business, Coronavirus Numbers Good Again In Hubbaplex, Your Comments And Even Some Sports To Talk About.

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The Lubbock City Council met Tuesday and it’s painfully obvious that Mayor Pope has no urgency on getting Lubbock back to work. There is no curve to flatten in Lubbock when it comes to the Coronavirus. We explain that and our plan to responsibly get Lubbock going again tonight.

After that we examine the absence of leadership from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. His unclear guidelines have contributed to the frustrations of many Texas business owners. It’s time he take a more active role, quickly and define exactly what the rules are for everyone. Either Amarillo is right or Dan Pope is right in Lubbock. Both can’t be “right”. Or can they. . .

Add in some sports and we’ve got a heck of Tuesday night visit with you folks.

Watch. Enjoy. Comment, ( even if you disagree ) and share it with your friends.