Kansas State, FR QB Johnson Run Over Texas Tech 38-21. Our 5 Sentence Summation. A Night Of Frustration For The Red Raiders, A Season On The Brink.


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We’ll have Raiderland Rewind live Sunday evening around 6:30. That gives everyone time to recover from tonight and maybe sneak a few NFL thoughts in on you as well. For now, here’s our quick recap on Texas Tech and K-State. 5 Sentences. Give or Take. Feel free to add your own and share with a friend. We’ll see y’all Sunday in Raiderland.

  1. Whether Morton finished this game or not, but certainly now with Texas Tech having to roll with a 3rd string QB in Jake Strong from here, this loss and the nature of it makes reaching a bowl game the best-case scenario now for this team.
  2. Texas Tech has had plenty of opportunity to have an offensive identity but so far this year, other than the Baylor game, this coaching staff has refused to embrace the idea of Tahj Brooks early, often and then again more Brooks. We don’t know why.
  3. The play-calling compounded by non-sensical decisions to go for it in certain situations are a massive hinderance to the growth of this team and program right now.
  4. After the initial drive by Stong, you saw why this staff continued to play an obviously injured Morton for the last few weeks.
  5. Every time I think this Texas Tech defense is good, it gives up multiple TD runs to an untouched QB or it can’t get off the field in meaningful situations. Therefore. . .

Ok, those are our 5 Sentences for tonight. We’ll have a much deeper breakdown of this game and more Sunday evening on Raiderland Rewind brought to you by Thacker Jewelry. Join us live on Twitter, Facebook and our YouTube Channel


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  1. I am not a qualified/certified coach but I’m not derelict of football intelligence. Run the dang ball. Especially, when your working with a 3rd string QB. TTU simply got out coached/out smarted. Be a smarter fish and don’t take the bait… KSU threw enticing Flys at TTU and Flys were eaten…hooks included. Brook trout are fun to catch. Tajh Brooks are most awesome. Let’s cast those Flys out and see what happens… It’s time to move on from Kitty (Kittley) Cat games.

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