Pick Your Poison… Would You Rather See Texas Tech In The SEC, Pac12 Or A Lower Conference? What Do You Think Texas Tech Should Pursue?

Brought to you in part tonight by Gator’s Bayou. Great cajun food right here in West Texas. Cold beer and hot food. What more do you want?

Earlier today our old friend in Oklahoma, Greg Swaim, tweeted an interesting thread. Could the SEC be looking to add more schools beyond Texas and OU?

It’s not crazy.

If the SEC and ESPN think other conferences are weak and that they can take control of college football for the next few decades, they’ll move and fast.

So, if you’re a Texas Tech fan – what do you want? What is best for Texas Tech? Go to the Pac12? Go to the SEC and maybe struggle with wins?? Go smaller conference and win, but not be a part of major college football? ( See TCU 2000-2010 ).

What is the best scenario from a Tech fan’s perspective tonight?

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Now, tell us what you’re thinking tonight regarding the future of Texas Tech football and then share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!



  1. The hardest and most painful path is the SEC. Can Texas Tech Football fans keep interest in being cannon fodder? I’ll take the SEC over any conference because they unfortunately control the purse strings.
    On the plus side Tech Baseball and Basketball will undoubtedly thrive.

  2. mixed emotions. If we could play ina Pac16 East with the AZ schools and Colorado that gets my vote. Sick of UT

  3. Well, if you can go to the SEC that’s the best scenario! Yes, it’s a tough conference but, your not going to play everyone every year. Plus, if you want to be the best you have to beat the best! I think its sets us up for better recruiting in the future too.

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