5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Gas Station Snacks To Light Bulbs, Father-In-Laws To Smells Plus The Latest History Lesson From Joe Biden. Enjoy. Comment. Share With Your Friends!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. If you don’t eat a sandwich or get a burrito or two from a gas station now and then, we probably can’t be friends. I’ll be nice to ya, but we probably can’t be friends.
  2. 30 April 1975. 15 August 2021. Know your history.
  3. Top 3 Smells You Can’t Duplicate At Home: No. 3. Fajitas being delivered to the table next to you when you ordered a really healthy salad. No. 2. A cool mountain rain while you’re fishing. (Actually, some folks can do this! ). No. 1. That first smell when you walk into an old high school gym, with the pop corn going from the concession stand, the musty, heavy smell of many years of sweat and the intensity of a crowd waiting to cheer on their team. It’s a physical presence, that smell. It’s small town West Texan at its best.
  4. If your Father-In-Law isn’t smarter than you in many ways of the world… you probably didn’t do the whole marrying thing right.
  5. I am now at the age when, if all the fixtures in my house have working bulbs in them, I consider life a success. Some of the bulbs may even match1