10/26/23: Either/Or -The Bill Clinton/Donald Trump Edition, Texas Tech Open Date Plans, Raiderland Hot-Links Featuring – Bob Knight & A Book, Iron Maiden And The Terminator. Bonus West Texas Sunrise.

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Happy Thursday, y’all!

The week is rolling by at a decent clip. Got rain. Now we’ve got sun. Dry out for a few days and then sometime late Saturday or early Sunday Fall is gonna show up in West Texas in a major way. Looks like we might nail our first freeze in the Hubbaplex a day or too earlier than average. That’s fine. Bring It on! Ready for Fall and Winter this year. Take that summer! We don’t miss you at all!!!! (please check back on me in January…)

Either/Or Thursday

Each Thursday we try and give you some tough choices to make. Sometimes sports, sometimes not. Since we’ve got an open date this week, we’ll go with the non-sports question today.

You get to spend one hour with one of these two people. They have to answer every question you ask truthfully. Do you choose Either Bill Clinton; OR Donald Trump? Which one and why? Answers in the comment section below. Use a #2 pencil. Show all your work.

Open Weekend Plans

No Texas Tech Football this weekend for the first time in a while. What are y’all gonna do? Obviously the last few weeks haven’t been that much fun on the field for you Red Raider fans, so maybe the break is coming at just the right time. Will you get into the Texas Rangers and the World Series? Do you have other college teams you root for that you’ll shift your focus to? NFL? Or maybe just check-out on football and sports and spend more time with your family??? You did tell your family Tech’s off this week, right?

So what are your plans? Share with the group. Maybe we can create a Raiderland Project weekend. I know what I need to do. It’s sitting on my porch and it needs to find a new home. The joys of country living where very few folks can see your house also leads to sometimes having the porch turn into an open-air storage area. Don’t judge. You know what I’m talking about depending on where you live or how you grew up. Of course if the cold front gets here early I’ll have to stay inside for safety. I’m thinking ahead.

Raiderland Hot-Links

Let’s see what we found interesting the last 24 hours out there. . . Feel free to add your own in the comments. Become a participant, not just an Eater and Rider.

Our Lead-Off Hitter, Dane, strong start to the day again!