We aren’t even sure what this is… but we think it’s good. The Sunset Da Vinci Podcast featuring West Texas Legend Casey Cowan and Friends. . . Listen and Learn. OR… flee the country!

We’re not exactly sure what this is, but we think we like it here in Raiderland…. […]

Daily Broadcast

The Daily Broadcast: Will Texas Tech Make A Bowl Game This Year? Why/Why Not? Strangest Stuff You’ve Found In Your Garage/Storage Unit? Meals Through The Mail? Have Y’all Tried It? I Have. I’m On Board! All That Plus Your Great Comments And Questions. Now – Go Share This Broadcst!!!!

Is Texas Tech a bowl team? […]

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Gas Station Snacks To Light Bulbs, Father-In-Laws To Smells Plus The Latest History Lesson From Joe Biden. Enjoy. Comment. Share With Your Friends!

Some things just smell better than other things. Fact. […]