The Daily Broadcast: Coldest Weather You’ve Endured At A Sporting Event, Bandwagon Wednesday, #AskCoachHyatt. Fun Show, Lots Going On. Enjoy And Share!

Brought to you by Lifts West in Red River, New Mexico. Great time to book for ski season. Snow is falling and the runs are gonna be great this winter! Book now! Ask for Billy and tell him you heard about it in Raiderland!

Enjoy the show and we will see you on radio Thursday in Lubbock on Talk 103.9 FM and in San Angelo on ESPN 960!


  1. December 2005 — SNF with Vick’s Falcons at the Bears…7 degrees outside with a -9 windchill. Wife and I watched a bottle of water freeze solid in mere minutes. Best part was watching three Bears fans shirtless sitting near us!

    Vick wanted no part of the cold going 13 for 32. Falcons put up 3 points.

    And by the way, living in the Commie Republic of Chicago for four LONG winters sucked something fierce.

    Enjoy your great work Hyatt, keep it up!

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