The Daily Broadcast: Greatest Mexican Food Meal You’ve Ever Had? What/Where? N.I.L. Wild West For NCAA. NFL:”Football Is Gay”. All That Plus Hyatt Gets Stuck In Mud On Way Home (Pics Included)

It’s a rainy Tuesday in West Texas and Hyatt paid the price on the way home. Be sure and find out how it ended by watching the show all the way through!
Brought to you in part by The Shropshire Agency in Lubbock. Independent and working for you. Give them a holler and let them save you money by working for YOU!

We covered a lot of ground today. Let’s get to it. Hope you’re not hungry, cause we talked about a lot of great Mexican food. As always, enjoy this, comment here on Facebook or Twitter but most importantly; share this with your friends and grow what we do. That and get ready to listen to some great radio Wednesday from 11-1 on Talk 1340 KKAM in Lubbock, and ESPN 960. in San Angelo. It’ll be a fine Bandwagon Wednesday show!

So, for those wondering… here’s the stretch of road I ended up in the ditch on my way home after another big rain in West Texas. Just 4.5 miles of this each day. 🙂 The Daily Broadcast video is waiting for your after these pics, don’t worry!

And now, tonight’s show!

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