The Daily Broadcast: Texas Tech Exits Big 12 Tourney After 7-2 losses to TCU, K-State. It Doesn’t Matter. Tech Will Still Be Top 8 National Seed. We Explain Why. That & The Greatest Duran Duran Songs All-Time… Because… Enjoy and Share!

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Some Texas Tech Baseball fans are smart. Some are not. Some are ignorant. Some know what’s happening and why. Which one are you Here’s our summation of the Big 12 Tournament. Here’s why Tech is a Top 8 National Seed. Here’s why you should watch and share the broadcast each day! So, get after it. Hit us on Twitter this weekend via @RyanHyattMedia and then catch us on radio Tuesday on Talk 1340 in Lubbock and ESPN 960 in San Angelo. Want to support Texas Tech and grow Raiderland? Best way to do it in your hometown is with our radio show each day from 11-1… Contact us and do it!