5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Welcoming In A New Family Member, Things Blowing Up In Your Truck, Lubbock Movie Memories/Theaters That Went Away. . & How George Strait Went On Vacation With My Family Each Summer. Enjoy, Share And Add Your Comments.

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. We’re welcoming a new family member this weekend into the Hyatt House. Jem the Cat. We’ll see how this goes with our three dogs. One is blissfully unaware of the presence of the cat. She’s old, she’s just happy to have food and go out side. The biggest dog is intrigued and docile so far. She’s a great dog and once she figures out the cat-dog isn’t gonna cost her belly rubs she’ll be great. The middle-big-dog is gonna be interesting. She’s a mouthy dog, likes to bark and is territorial right up to the part where she’s got to fight for her territory. Then she wants biggest dog to do the work. So, we’ll see how things go for Jem. He’s already showing signs of being the Big Dog in the house, even as a cat. I like his hissing and moxy to the dogs. Tune in next week for the Adventures of Jem The Cat-Dog in West Texas!
  2. Folks made fun of me this week because I had a can of Squirt soda blow-up in my truck because of the heat. They were making fun of me because of my soda choice, not the fact I left an un-opened can of Squirt in my truck console to explode. What’s wrong with Squirt? Caffeine Free? Quenches thirst since 1938? What more do you want? I’d drink Grape Nehi if I could find it. Soda pop elitist wear me out. Look at the local fountain drinks at your convenience store. Not many great, awesome choices. Break out and get something different! By the way, cleaning off Squirt from your dash and windshield after it gets hot and sticky… not a fun endeavor.
  3. Top 3 Lubbock Movie Theaters That Are Long Gone. No. 3. The old Fox 4 down by 19th and Quaker. At least I think it is where it was. Pretty sure I saw Empire Strikes Back there. Details are sketchy. No. 2. The Golden Horseshoe Drive-In off University and 66th. Not a theater, but a legend. If you drove by after 11 PM or so on a Saturday night, you know what we mean. … No. 1. The Winchester Twin. Epic. Opulent in a way. Just what a movie experience should be there at 50th and Indiana. In fact, the whole Winchester Center is a page of Lubbock gone by. The last place to the south to give in to sprawl and growth. The farmer demanded the great tree and windmill remain if they developed the site. And so it did for decades. The great freeze and ice-storm of 93 got it. Too bad. The Winchester Twin is the last place I saw Monty Python’s Holy Grail in a theater and probably Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love the D-Box, IMAX and more experience but I miss the old theater where you went to see a movie and maybe try and steal a kiss. If you were lucky.
  4. If you told me I could only listen to George Strait tapes from 1981 to 1993 and no other music, I think I’d be OK with that. George Strait was my Summer Soundtrack growing up in the 80s. We’d go on vacation and George Strait would go on vacation with us to the mountains of Red River and beyond. We wore those tapes out. Driving around on switch-backs, up to mountain lakes and just sitting around the cabin after supper, George was there. If you’ve got a better artist with a better ten-year stretch of music, let me know. As for me, sitting on a porch on a cool July night in the mountains still makes me come Unwound, makes me wonder if Ft. Worth ever crosses your mind and it certainly makes me wonder if that’s your chair….
  5. End of quote. Repeat the line….



  1. You are correct good Sir about the Fox theater on 19th. I too saw The Empire Strikes Back there and I still lived in California at the time – figure that one out.

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