We get the texts every day on the radio show. From different fans and different folks saying that this is the end of Texas Tech’s ability to compete. That Texas Tech is so poor as a school and as a fan-base apparently that it’s all over. Some cite the Quinn Ewers signing with Texas as their latest example that college sports is over as we know it.

Is it?

This column is specifically targeted for those who think players getting money for N.I.L will make Texas Tech football worse and not better.

Give me some reasons why you think this will change things dramatically for the worse.

Texas was always gonna get Ewers. They had him before NIL. They lost him for a bit so he could game the system and make money on the bench at Ohio State. Now, they’ve got him back. NIL had nothing to do with him choosing Texas over Texas Tech.

Say that again…

NIL had nothing to do with Ewers choosing Texas over Texas Tech.

In fact, without NIL, Tech would never have been in the conversation. But with the ability to make money and maybe play in Lubbock, at least Joey McGuire got a shot at the conversation with the Ewers camp. If nothing else, Texas Tech football got a free ad from Ewers with recruits for a week or so. . .

So, with that as a back-drop, tell me why you think Texas Tech can’t compete now.

Are Texas Tech grads poor? Do Texas Tech supporters not have businesses and money and the ability to go head-to head with other schools in college football?

Tell me what you really think has changed.

Texas always got the best recruits. And for 50 years plus, they’ve underachieved in amazing fashion.

Schools like Texas and even Oklahoma have had advantages for years. Nothing has changed.

Except one thing.

Now, schools like Texas Tech can fight back. They can do it legally and they can finally put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. If you’re afraid of that as a Texas Tech fan, I get it. You think maybe your fellow fans and grads just don’t have it in them to compete. If that’s the case, then so be it.

This is the best shot a school like Texas Tech has to crash the party. Best shot since the scholarship limitations were imposed in 1969 and all of a sudden, schools like Texas Tech had a great stretch in the SWC against Texas and Arkansas and guys like Darrell Royal and Frank Broyles all of a sudden had to retire.

So, once again, tell me why you think Texas Tech can’t compete.

Tell me why you think, after nearly 100 years of being an institution of higher-learning on the South Plains of West Texas, that Texas Tech grads think that “From Here It’s Not Possible”.

So. Tell me.