It’s What The Dallas Cowboys Do. They Lose….

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Dallas Cowboys Lose in the Most Dallas Cowboys Way Possible

Allen Corbin – Raiderland Columnist

Another NFL season will pass into the history books with the Dallas Cowboys not making an appearance in the Conference Championship Game, twenty-six seasons in a row to be precise, and there’s plenty of blame to around this latest post-season flop.

The 23-17 loss to the San Francisco 49ers was a greatest hits of the last ten playoff losses along with a new way to lose in excruciating fashion with a quarterback draw with 14 seconds remaining in the game.

The quarterback draw, the 14 penalties with numerous flags that kept the defense on the field, and the bizarre lateral play in the first half which amplifies the underlying rot in the organization.

It was the Most Dallas Cowboys way to lose.

If curses were real then I would say a deal was made for the Cowboys to have a dynasty in the early nineties and win three Super Bowls but the curse would be the perpetual interference by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Mike McCarthy is the same as Jason Garrett, the same as Wade Phillips, and the same the other poor saps who have been Head Coach of the Cowboys.

It’s a failing system for results on the field, but there’s still a devout following of Cowboys fans that keep enabling the poor front office choices that permeates the franchise.

Yes, Cowboys fans, you enabled the perpetual disappointment that began with the Owner/General Manager in the late 90s and that continues today with the progeny of Owner Jones now running the circus.

America’s Team has turned mediocrity into a cottage industry and nothing will change because the money keeps rolling in and there’s no actual change in philosophy and behaviors.

The Cowboys losing and close calls with being above average continues to subsidize the careers of ESPN and Fox Sports 1 commentators whether they win or lose. 

Will anything change? Don’t count on it.

Allen Corbin is an optimist….