5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Why Do We Love The Masters? What TV Show From The Past Would Rule Today? Long-Gone Lubbock Pizza Greats, The Ten Commandments On TV And What Should Humble You This Week! Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. Why do we love The Masters? It’s ”elitist”. It is an unreachable place for many folks who watch and love it. Even the golfer friends I know realize it’s a destination they’ll most likely never reach. So… why do we love The Masters so much? I think it’s because it seems a constant to us in a world that’s ever-changing and each day seeming more and more different from what we grew up with. It’s a fixed-star. It allows us each Spring to see the same patch of land, tromped over by new golfers, trying to emulate what those decades before have done. It’s on the same date each year. It gives us a check-point in our lives. Of course the Course and the Masters is always changing and evolving; just like our own lives. It just does it on a once-a-year checkpoint. We love The Masters because we crave connectivity, tradition and the ability to relate to days gone by. And that’s cool. Even if it might be a mirage we willingly embrace. … We all need that mirage from time to time.
  2. I realized this past week, in doing hard-core research, that the TV series ”Coach” would probably be the best show on TV in 2022.
  3. Top 3 Pizza Places That Don’t Exist In Lubbock: No. 3. Mazzio’s. They put one downstairs in Weymouth Hall at Texas Tech my Soph. year. Game-changer if you lived in Coleman, Weymouth or Chitwood. Not sure the pizza was any good, but the scenery was solid. No. 2. Pizza Planet. Great supreme pizzas. Last one I recall was on 50th St. behind Stake and Ale location near Utica. My great-aunt would take me there for birthday lunches! No. 1. Pizza Express. 5 bucks. Huge pepperoni pizza. It was pizza and they would express it to you! Solid in the mid-80s. In fact, the night the Chicago Cubs clinched the 1984 NL East title in Pittsburgh, I had Pizza Express.
  4. “The Ten Commandments” is one the of the greatest movies ever made. Hokey by our standards today in effects and maybe presentation, but still an epic. I love the fact it’s still shown on ABC each Saturday before Easter. This year it’s a week early, but we won’t complain. Without getting into theology, it’s a great trigger and reminder for many folks to turn their eyes to God. If the movie does nothing else, it’s done a great thing since 1956 in its current incarnation.
  5. Anytime you want to feel important, just remember, the turn-out for your funeral will likely depend on the weather and day of the week…



  1. 1. ….and that ball is no longer with us. Knocked it out of the park, my friend!!!

    4. Yes.Yes.Yes. I Could not agree more!!!

    I love love love that movie!!

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