5 Things We Know On A Sunday – From Wimbledon To The All-Star Game, Lubbock South Plains Mall History To Skeeters, Plus A Little Bit More

5 Things We Know On A Sunday

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  1. With the fortnight of Wimbledon wrapping up today, it reminds me of my summers growing up. I loved Wimbledon, Borg, Connors, McEnroe, Becker…I wish I had been a better tennis player, but I always enjoyed playing. The end of Wimbledon though, somehow seemed to tell me then that summer was going fast. Back then it might mean we had already wrapped up our big fishing trip for the summer or that one was coming up in the next week or so. That meant we were just a few weeks away from football starting and that of course meant school. In an odd way, the end of Wimbledon still ushers into to my life the feeling that summer is slipping away fast. So, what are we going to do today, Ferb?
  2. If you’ve seen the All-Star Game uniforms, you’ll see that once again, Major League Baseball wants us to hate MLB. They look like they were 12-year old travel team uni rejects, designed by the 9-year old sister of one of the players. Hideous. One of the cool things about the All-Star Game was seeing the players from your favorite team in their uniform out there with other stars. For Rangers fans in the 70s-80s, that meant one player, hi there Jim Sundberg, as the lone rep standing next to the guys you saw on TV each week. Now… it’s just another boring presentation with the sameness of dormitory dining hall gravy. Thanks MLB.
  3. Top 3 Long-Gone Stores From The South Plains Mall. No.3. “Record Town”. Ya know what you bought at Record Town? Records. Then you went home and played them on a record players. And it was glorious. No.2 “David’s Stationery”. Not just because I briefly worked there, but because it was fantastic in its randomness. From high-end Montblanc pens to Chinese throwing stars. Ultimate 80s. No. 1 “Chess King”. I bought a lot of clothes there at one time in my life. My Dad did not understand. But, a purple blazer with multi-color threads woven into it could get you in a lot of places back than. What about y’all? Give us your Top 3 List!
  4. I’m sure someday, God will explain mosquitos to me. I will listen intently with great interest. As for now, I’d rather deal with snakes, or folks moving into Texas from California than mosquitos.
  5. There’s a ton of folks I liked a lot more when I didn’t know what they thought about everything. I have no doubt there’s a lot of folks out there who feel the same way about me! Perhaps we knew folks better when we didn’t really know them. Then again, it helps to know who you can and can’t have over to supper.



  1. Ahhh, Chess King, The first suit I ever wore was from there. Light gray, with a turquoise shirt, along with white shoes and tie. Could’ve been mistaken for a member of Duran Duran wearing that thing.(if I had any musical talent)
    Also miss Bonnett Pet Store. Always enjoyed looking at the pups. Sadly, they were squeezed out due to “inhumane” reasons. Not sure how trying to find homes for dogs, purebred or not, was a bad thing.

  2. Toys by Roy was my favorite store in the mall as a kid. Hemphill Wells was my source for Ocean Pacific and Members Only wear. Then getting a hickory burger at the Brittany.

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