5 Things We Know On A Sunday – Should Texas Become An Independent Republic Again? Lubbock or Luckenbach? How Big Is Texas? Top Musicians All-Time From Texas And Chili Shouldn’t NOT Be The Official Food Of Texas. . .

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. The question isn’t whether Texas could become its own Republic again, it’s whether Texas should do it. I have no doubt Texas could survive and thrive as an independent nation again. That said, I prefer to take a stand here in The United States and let Texas be the beacon of freedom, independence and all that ca be right in this country. Instead of leaving, I’m in favor of Texas Leading.
  2. Lubbock was named after a man who never set foot in Lubbock County. That’s OK. “Luckenbach, Texas ( Back To The Basics Of Love) was written by two guys who’d never been to Luckenbach…
  3. Top 3 Musicians All-Time From Texas: No.3. Van Cliburn. No.2. ZZ Top. No. 1. Bob Wills.
  4. I drove from Marshall to Lubbock one time. If I’d gone the same distance East I’d have ended up in Pensacola, Florida. Texas is a large place.
  5. Chill became the Official State Food of Texas in 1977. It shouldn’t be. Too divisive. The whole beans – no beans issue. No. The Official State Food of Texas should be steak. Beef. Nobody does it better.



  1. I see what you did there in #’s 2 and 3. You had a top 5 but didn’t “label” as such. The unamed outlaw fellow from Littlefield is my favorite.

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