5 Things We Know On A Sunday: Things Texas High School Graduates Should Know, Top 5 Smells, Bands That Went Out On Top, Meals You’d Drive 6 Hours For Plus Who You Shouldn’t Let Control Your Life… Enjoy, Comment, Share!

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5 Things We Know On A Sunday

  1. I think they still do Texas History in 7th grade for Texas students. They should follow that up in their senior year by having them watch and then take a test over Lonesome Dove as one of those Star Test things. I’d trust any grad who knows Lonesome Dove more than one who passes those meaningless state-mandated tests. . .
  2. The smell of rain is a Top 5 smell. Not sure what is ahead of it. Fresh bread maybe? Fajitas? The smell of rain, coming in on the winds of a West Texas thunderstorm is damn near intoxicating.
  3. Name one great band that went out on top. Good luck. Nearly every great band makes one or two more albums than they should. So, which band did it right? I’ll give you … Actually, I can’t think of a single band that didn’t make one too many records. If you’ve got one, post it below!
  4. What’s the farthest you’d drive, one-way for a specific meal? I think if you asked my wife, it might be to Red River, New Mexico for a stuffed sopapilla at Sundance Restaurant. How good is it? I’d be more than willing to gas up the truck and go. . .
  5. If you allow who is sitting in the Oval Office to control your life and determine your happiness and how you live… you’re not doing it right. Give yourself more credit than that. Give your family more credit than that.



  1. 1. Lonesome Dove should be mandatory watching, along with mandatory listening…to George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Joe Ely, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robert Earl Keen. Followed up by studying the words of Spike Dykes and Bum Phillips.
    2. Not sure where they fall, on the list, but the smell of fresh baked brownies, and when you first walk into a good, Texas bbq joint. Maybe the smell of fresh mowed grass, on a summer Sunday evening.
    3. I think the Beatles are a band that should be on the list. They called it quits in 1970. In that year, they had 2 songs (The Long and Winding Road & Let It Be,) hit #1 on the Billboard charts, each for 2 weeks…which followed at least 5 songs that were on the Billboard Hot 100 for most of 1969.
    4. I would drive 258 miles, to Mad Jack’s Mountain Top BBQ, in Cloudcroft, for the absolute best smoked brisket, green chile stew and homemade sausage I’ve ever eaten.
    5. If you give ANY human (except the wife) that kind of power over you, you’re doing life wrong. Get right with God.

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